Bristol City Centre BID (Business Improvement District) is entering into a partnership with Veolia to deliver a new waste collection service to city centre businesses. We supported the tender process by designing a competitive bidding process which looked at both price and quality of service.

Bristol City Centre BID is a recent initiative which formally came into existence in November 2017. Its mission is to drive Bristol city centre forward, using its £1.2m annual budget to add value for its 780 levy payers.

The new waste collection service, which starts this month, is one of the key initiatives the BID has chosen to focus on since its formation. It is hoped the service will save businesses money, improve street aesthetics and drive up recycling rates. Levy payers across multiple sectors will be able to access the service, although it will also be possible for smaller businesses that aren’t required to pay the levy to opt into the service, so long as they make a contribution to the BID.

We have previously supported BIDs in Bath, Belfast and Leeds with similar projects, and built on this experience to support Bristol City Centre BID to find a contractor able to satisfy the requirements of its levy payers with a high quality service, but also at a very competitive price point. We worked in partnership with the BID to design a suitable specification, create all the necessary tender documents and to evaluate the submissions.

The winning bidder, Veolia, will be collecting a range of material streams across a seven day a week service (once the service is fully established), and will look to expand its service offering as more levy payers join the scheme. All BID levy payers will have access to dedicated Veolia account manager, ensuring their individual needs are met.

Bristol City Centre BID Development Manager, Keith Rundle said:

“The new service delivers great value for our levy payers and we are confident that the needs of our local businesses will be met. It will improve the streets of Bristol city centre for everyone by helping to address some key issues around waste being left out overnight.”

Bristol City Centre BID will play an ongoing role, monitoring how Veolia performs against a number of key performance indicators which include minimising the number of missed collections and increasing recycling rates. The BID will also work with Veolia to resolve any service issues and ensure that prices stay low over the lifetime of the contract.

Terence Davies, Veolia’s Regional Development Manager for the South West said:

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Bristol City Centre BID. We are excited to see what we can do to drive the city centre forward over the next few years.”