Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

With people worldwide moving against the ‘take-make-use-dispose’ approach, there is pressure on consumer goods companies to adopt a more circular approach that increases resource efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

This is being driven by policy initiatives, such as

The EU’s proposed Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation

The EU’s proposed Green Claims Directive

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

Structured reporting of non-financial impacts

Decarbonisation projects (extremely challenging for consumer goods companies, much of whose impact comes from supply chains via Scope 3 emissions)

At Eunomia, our multi-technical teams are uniquely experienced and qualified to prepare you for this changing regulatory landscape. We are at the forefront of designing and delivering best-in-class research – often used by policymakers to develop legislation – which means we are uniquely placed to provide the policy insights that can help you futureproof your operations.

We deliver for consumer goods businesses

Net zero strategies

Circular economy business plans

Responsible sourcing strategies

Business case support

Policy insights and thought leadership

Market assessments and overviews

Organisational carbon footprinting and reporting

Non-financial reporting

Sustainability claims and assessments

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