Efficient logistics are vital for global trade and economic activities. However, the transportation of goods – especially by trucks, ships and airplanes – is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Packaging materials, damaged goods and outdated technology generate further waste.

We all recognise that it’s essential to improve fuel efficiency, promote renewable energy sources, optimise supply chain routes and invest in sustainable infrastructure if we’re to deliver a more environmentally friendly logistics industry.

However, finding ways to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation is a significant challenge. It requires proactive technological innovation, policy intervention and industry-wide initiatives.

Eunomia’s team of world-leading environmental experts lives and breathes unwasted. We use best-in-class research, technical skills and expertise to identify meaningful carbon-reduction measures across logistics and supply chains. We then develop bespoke, robust plans to implement them within a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

We deliver logistics solutions

Net zero strategies

Circular economy business plans

Responsible sourcing strategies

Business case support

Policy insight and thought leadership

Market assessments and overviews

Organisational carbon footprinting and reporting

Non-financial reporting

Sustainability claims and assessments

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