Changing the way a service is delivered, launching a new service or altering the way a product is made is always difficult. It can potentially expose you to significant financial, operational and reputational risk. Often the requisite skills, resource and experience are not available in house.

We can support you from the point at which you identify the need for change, until that change is implemented and embedded across your organisation.

We have a unique ability to step into your shoes, working from within to support your project and maximising the chances of successful outcomes, through

Effective decision-making from start to finish

Implementation using practical operational skills and effective operational risk management

Commercially astute procurement for maximum impact at minimum budget

Service Modelling and Action Planning

Our services help organisations plan for change and inform effective implementation.

1. Waste management plans, options and efficiency

Helping clients with their waste issues, including:

  • developing local waste plans
  • modelling collection options for household and commercial waste
  • advising on commercial waste collection pricing
  • advising on measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service operation
  • supporting the selection of sites for waste infrastructure to maximise efficiency
  • supporting the use and interpretation of local waste data

2. Local climate plans

Helping clients establish their baseline carbon emissions and develop deliverable plans for actions to decarbonise, including:

  • advising on scoping issues, measurement techniques, and targets
  • gathering data and supplying assumptions
  • developing decarbonisation pathways
  • advising on the credible use of offsets and insets to deal with residual emissions

Operationalising Environmentally Beneficial Change

Our services help organisations directly implement change through providing project management support and specialist expertise.

1. Implementation support

Helping clients to implement change in the services they provide, including:

  • support with project management of change
  • technical advice on setting up products and services
  • advice on planning and permitting issues
  • developing communications to drive behaviour change
  • providing training to support clients in delivering change

2. L
ocal nature action

Helping clients to prepare for and deliver local action to reduce negative impacts on nature and biodiversity, including:

  • evaluating the ecosystem services provided by land
  • developing local nature recovery plans
  • setting up schemes to support the funding of local nature recovery action

3. S
ustainability claims and reporting

Helping clients to understand the impacts of their products and services and report against established reporting frameworks, including:

  • product LCA
  • support with reporting related to EPR
  • support with monitoring and reporting against carbon and nature targets
  • accurate and independent double materiality assessments for non-financial reporting

Procurement and Sustainable Supply Chains

Our services help organisations to decide how to procure, deliver compliant and effective procurement processes, and build sustainability into the supply chains on which they rely.

Supporting clients to plan, deliver, and deal with disputes arising from procurement, including:

  • evaluation of commissioning options for services
  • delivery of compliant and commercially sensible procurement processes, especially for environmental services
  • provision of contract management guidance and advice
  • support with resolving disputes that arise regarding contracts
  • support with the design of procurement processes to achieve improved environmental and social outcomes
  • support with supply chain development and management to help clients access more sustainable products and services
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