Extract and pollute less. Minimise waste. Tread lightly.

Our applied expertise and broad technical skills enable you to make conservation of resources a reality.

Extend the lifecycle of materials and natural resources.

As-long-as-possible lifecycles are critical to the future of our planet. We continually innovate to find new ways to reuse resources.

Circularity is vital for the planet’s future.

We go one step further, working with organisations to put resources back into the planet.

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It starts in 2001, with a desire to find pragmatic, science-led solutions that reduce human impact on the planet.

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Every business, every organisation – public and private – knows there is more to do. Eunomia can help.

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From policy, through risk assessment to action, we draw on decades of experience to help drive your sustainability goals.

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We have been providing unbiased, science-based and policy-setting research & consulting services for nearly 25 years.








We are always asking questions

We’re driven, every day, by the power of unwasted. This means, together with you, we can eliminate waste and reduce consumption to a sustainable level. In so doing, we reduce human impact on our world.

We start by asking a lot of questions – sometimes daring to go where others won’t. We know that this approach will get us to the core of the real challenges. Then, we provide the evidence and the practical solutions to create change.

At Eunomia, we are socio-environmental problem-solvers and researchers with a difference. We combine real-world, practical experience and deep technical knowledge with an active and proactive role in policy. This empowers us to provide applicable, science-led solutions for our clients, which ultimately drive a positive, regenerative impact on the planet.

The triple planetary crisis can only be addressed through collaboration and partnership. As your partner, we will provide the evidence, expertise and experience to create a world in which waste and pollution are minimised and consumption is sustainable within planetary boundaries.

As the leading experts in our field for more than 20 years, our role is to challenge the status quo. Our unmatched expertise means we ask searching questions with the knowledge and confidence to get to the heart of the real issues impacting our clients, the planet and society.

Together, driven by the power of unwasted, we can support the transition to a regenerative and circular economy.

Whether you are in the public, NGO or private sector, we understand the pressures you face when budgets are tight. When commercial sustainability is a challenge in its own right, solving the problems of the here and now will be top of the agenda.

At Eunomia, we pride ourselves on helping you navigate and mitigate what is coming down the road.

Our approach is grounded in decades of science-led consultancy. Our in-depth knowledge and involvement in policy give our advice real authority. And our lived experience delivering a vast range of projects – by type, by sector, by objectives – gives us a strong foundation for exploring new challenges.

Environmental matters and the regulatory landscape are complex to navigate, and continuously shifting. At Eunomia, we know that our straight-talking advice – backed by consulting and research excellence – delivers the best project outcomes.

Confronting climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss requires us to go further than a circular economy. Reducing waste is not enough. Reusing materials is not enough. Ultimately, we will need to build back and replenish the earth’s natural resources and biomaterials – not just conserve and reuse, but regenerate. This is what we call unwasting.

To put unwasting into practice requires foresight into upcoming regulation. It demands absolute laser-focus on driving innovation. And it calls for a deep understanding of the natural economy.

For decades we have driven policy and projects to create a circular economy where materials and resources are reused, recycled and repurposed. Now we are working closely with clients to go further – to reverse over consumption, to reduce the need to exploit the planet, and to close the loop. We are driven by the power of unwasted.

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Joe Papineschi

/ Chairperson
Joe has a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge of waste management in the statutory, community and private sectors.…

Jonquil Hackenberg

Jonquil brings consulting brilliance to the senior leadership team at Eunomia Research and Consulting

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