Supranational Government

Today’s environmental policy challenges around the triple crisis of climate, biodiversity and pollution are complex, interdependent and frequently transnational in scope. Neither pollution nor environmental impacts respect national borders.

Eunomia enables clients to set, shape and understand policy in the context of complex socio-economic systems that can both drive and solve these issues.

We are an independent, full-spectrum environmental consultancy, bringing subject-specific knowledge and an extensive array of technical, research and analytical skills to a highly challenging space.

With experience working for the European Commission, non-profits and private sector clients, our consultants are internationally recognised as evidence-led experts on how supranational commitments, national policy and private sector choices can combine to bring about change.

We deliver at a supranational level

Setting, shaping and understanding policy options

Building evidence and mapping problems, knowledge trends and options

Designing and advising on policy choices

Working directly with policymakers

Assessing, evaluating and applying lessons learned

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