We help inform your strategic planning and protect your long-term viability in the face of future shifts in markets, regulations and societal expectations. In the context of environmental services, these issues might include:

  • new scientific evidence of environmental impacts
  • forthcoming policies and regulations that aim to reduce environmental impacts
  • changes in societal attitudes towards environmental issues
  • new activities from competitors that create differentiation in the market

We don’t just focus on ensuring compliance and reducing environmental risks – we will also proactively help you leverage new opportunities to develop sustainable operations, innovate and create additional value.

As a dynamic, independent, full-spectrum environmental consultancy, we combine technical knowledge with strategic thinking to guide organisations towards more sustainable choices.

Our specialisms skills

Strategy and planning services

Policy insight and horizon scanning

Market assessment and due diligence


1. Sustainable Strategies

  • Net Zero strategy

Plan, design, and implement operational and business-wide interventions to target greenhouse gas reduction linked to specific activities.

  • Offsetting strategy

Navigate the complexities of the offsetting marketplace, avoid reputational risk, and provide confidence in the role of carbon offsets.

  • Responsible sourcing strategy

Our services include procurement maturity and capability assessment, supply chain mapping, and due diligence and supplier engagement.

  • Circular Economy business plans

Help organisations identify and develop circular economy business plans.

2. Business Analysis

  • Roadmapping

We develop actionable roadmaps that ensure visions can be implemented.

  • Business case development

Using our techno-economic and financial modelling skills, we help develop business plans and impact assessments.

3. Insight & Horizon Scanning

  • Policy insight and thought leadership

We provide a range of policy insight and thought leadership services that tackle problems facing organisations and sectors alike.

  • Horizon scanning

We help organisations understand how they can contribute to increasing the number of jobs and skills to support growth in the low-carbon and circular economy sectors.

  • Technical insight

We deliver technical studies that provide insight into sustainability issues to inform strategies.

  • Market positioning and business strategy advice

We provide insight into organisations’ market positioning and help them develop progressive strategies

4. Market Assessment and Due Diligence

  • Market Assessment and market overviews

Our services are wide-ranging, including benchmarking competitors, providing overviews of regulations and policies, understanding market dynamics, and assessing competition.

  • Waste feedstock modelling and sourcing

Using our detailed insight into the waste sector, alongside changes in consumer habits and demographics, we model the availability of a range of different materials.

  • Commercial and technical due diligence

We support investments in a range of environmental sectors, including waste and energy. We provide independent, detailed, and reliable advice that helps appraise the viability of new investment opportunities.

  • Gate fee assessments

We provide bespoke gate fee forecasts for waste infrastructure

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