We know that product packaging is vital for efficient distribution and storage. It’s also a key component of your brand. Increasingly, however, consumers are challenging brands to make their product packaging genuinely sustainable.

Drawing on decades of real-world experience, our trusted experts support many packaging businesses, joining the dots between those putting products on the market and those tasked with managing how packaging material circulates in the economy.

Our consultants take everything into account – from packing line speeds and product protection during distribution to the labelling and serialisation needed to reuse or recycle materials.

We know how to help you turn EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), product recyclability and other policy instruments into positive changes right across your supply chain.

Eunomia works with some of the world’s leading brands, delivering sustainable product packaging solutions and future-proofing their operations.


We deliver for packaging companies

Net zero strategies

Circular economy business plans

Responsible sourcing strategies

Business case support

Policy insight and thought leadership

Market assessments and overviews

Organisational carbon footprinting and reporting

Non-financial reporting

Sustainability claims and assessments

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