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Sample case studies from our clients

The triple planetary crisis can only be addressed through collaboration and partnership. As your partner, we provide the evidence, expertise and experience to create a world in which waste is minimised, consumption is sustainable and impact on nature is reduced.

Here are some examples of that work.

NGO Clients

WWF - halving the environmental impact of grocery shopping.

WWF commissioned Eunomia to support its WWF Basket initiative to halve the environmental impact of grocery shopping. We devised data collection templates to monitor and evaluate info from retailers.

Private Clients

Podback - making coffee pod recycling a reality.

We designed a kerbside collection service for coffee pods and brokered partnerships with local authorities - all set against a backdrop of a global pandemic and cost of living crisis.


European - establishing best practice policy for Extended Producer Responsibility across the EU.

We established what best practice looks like for EPR in the EU.

Private Clients

TOMRA - designing a reuse system at city level for the takeaway food industry.

We modelled a reuse packaging system for the takeaway industry, demonstrating the benefits of moving away from single use packaging. We then did cost analysis based on city-level implementation.


Glasgow City Council - designing and implementing real-world recycling systems for the host of COP26, Glasgow.

We combined our in-depth expertise in designing and implementing real-world recycling solutions with our proprietary waste collection modelling tool, Hermes. This can model a wide range of authority-specific and collection system variables at a level no other industry tool can match.

Private Estate

The Duchy of Cornwall - calculating the complex carbon footprint of the vast estate of the Duchy of Cornwall

We developed a framework capable of calculating all emissions across the Duchy’s vast and varied estate.