NGOs and Charities

NGOs & Charities

We know how vital NGOs and charities are in fighting the climate crisis. Across the globe they are instrumental in educating communities, demonstrating the cause and effect of pollution and encouraging people to actively participate in protecting the planet and its natural resources.

This is specialised, complicated and challenging work. At Eunomia we have the real-world practical experience and technical skills, combined with a passionate commitment to problem-solving, to get to the heart of an issue and present findings in a truly compelling way.

Over the past two decades, we’ve collaborated with NGOs and charities on many successful projects – from helping the Canadian Environment Defence group to communicate the negative environmental impact of a new highway, to working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to produce a report on single-use-plastic consumption and waste management in the UK.

We deliver worldwide for NGOs and charities

Analysis and insight

Supporting behavioral change

Advising on investment in the natural economy

Creating sustainable initiatives

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