We’re delighted to announce that European clean transport campaign group, Transport & Environment (T&E), has selected us to undertake pan-European research to identify ‘5 key steps for e-bus success.’

We will conduct desk-based research of up to twelve European locations where electric buses have been successfully introduced and managed as part of the transport system. The objective is to gain and present understanding about the conditions which contribute to the successful procurement and deployment of electric buses within the EU, and which may therefore be replicated by other urban areas to help drive the adoption of electric buses.

Gavin Bailey, Eunomia’s Sustainable Transport Lead said: ‘T&E have been instrumental in shaping some very important European legislation related to transport and so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them to help influence future policy through this project.’

‘Zero tail-pipe emissions vehicle technologies are critical to addressing carbon and air quality pollutant emissions from the transport sector. If we are to truly achieve a sustainable future transport system, whereby we shift people into more efficient methods such as mass transit options, we need to make sure they are the cleanest they can be. As such, electric buses have a vital role to play in any sustainable future.