DG Environment commissioned us to lead a consortium to undertake a ‘Study to Identify Member States at Risk of Non-compliance with the 2020 target of the Waste Framework Directive’. This project came under the Waste Framework Directive‘s Early Warning System, which requires the European Commission to develop Early Warning Reports to assess the progress Member States have made towards achieving the targets.

The Early Warning Reports provide an estimation of whether the targets will be achieved by the deadline, as well as identifying countries at risk of missing the targets, and developing relevant Priority Actions to help the country achieve the target.

The report initially identified Member States’ latest reported recycling rates to demonstrate how far each country has to travel in order to achieve the target. It then summarises the extent that Member States’ existing measures will help them to achieve the target in 2020.

Our final report provides:

  • an overview of the approach taken to the study;
  • identifies Member States as most likely to miss the 2020 target of 50% municipal waste recycling;
  • Synthesises the key issues found in the Member States identified;
  • Lists the Priority Actions suggested for each Member State to achieve the target.

The report also summarises the common problems faced by Member States in meeting the Waste Framework Directive targets, as well as the main Priority Actions that have been suggested.

As a result of the report, an Early Warning Report was put together for each Member State identified as potentially missing the targets. The Early Warning Reports are appended to the report.

This report is available free of charge. Please provide a few details about yourself and one of the team will email you the full report shortly.