Meet our expert

Kate Thompson


Kate has extensive experience of carrying out detailed strategic options appraisals, service efficiency reviews and waste management strategies.

About Kate

Kate is an experienced and well-respected project director in the waste and resources sector. Much of her work involves engaging with a wide range of stakeholders – from local authority officers and members to waste management operators and the public – to consult them and present project findings.

Recently her work has focused on advising local authorities in the UK and Australia on recycling and waste management options. She has carried out detailed analysis of existing system performance for over 100 local authorities and waste partnerships and modelled a wide range of future recycling and waste disposal options. Kate’s outputs and recommendations have been used to develop business cases, deliver improved recycling performance and reduce costs for our clients.

Kate also has experience of reviewing collection and treatment contracts, to better understand the implications of any service changes on their performance and financial constraints.

She has carried out a variety of projects for clients looking at good practice as well as issues associated with the collection of specific materials in the waste stream. She has produced a variety of national guidance documents, including guides on bring recycling sites and subscription-based garden waste collections.