Meet our expert

Daniel Stunell


Daniel has in-depth knowledge of overall policy integration in the field of circular economy and extensive experience in environmental policy and research, with a particular focus on food systems and packaging.

About Daniel

A social researcher by academic background, Daniel has built up well over a decade of technical and policy experience in environmental policy and research across a range of sectors.

He has led extensive and varied research, evaluation and analysis projects in the fields of waste, packaging, materials, energy, circular economy, litter and material pollution – always with a focus on the operational and policy relevance of the research findings.

Daniel has a passion for research design and the use of multi-method research approaches to provide the best available evidence, especially when that evidence is challenging to uncover or interpret.

As one of Scotland’s leading food waste experts, he has worked on high-profile food system projects for World Wildlife Fund, Zero Waste Scotland, retailers and other policy clients. Daniel looks at food system transformation and the inter-related changes in diet, agricultural and manufacturing practices needed to deliver that transformation. With his background in social science, he is particularly interested in how multiple interventions and policy choices should combine to change behaviour at speed and scale.