Eunomia is proud to have been appointed by London Borough of Redbridge to assist with the development of the authority’s response to its Climate Emergency declaration.

Last summer, London Borough of Redbridge declared a Climate Emergency and committed to developing a plan to make all council operations carbon neutral by 2030 and reduce emissions to zero by 2050. Since then, it has set up a dedicated officer team and designed a public engagement programme. Councillors on its new Climate Change Corporate Panel have been hearing from a wide range of experts from various disciplines, to help them better understand the scale of the carbon challenge and the range of options available to them to reduce the borough’s greenhouse gases.

We are delighted to have been appointed to assist the authority with achieving its objectives. Our work will include determining baseline carbon emissions and developing a plan to tackle climate change impacts, actions and policies will be costed and prepared for presentation to members.

We will also develop a tool to allow officers to independently monitor and report on progress and assess options for the authority to offset emissions through local schemes.