In addition to updating the picture for the UK, Eunomia’s tenth issue of its Residual Waste Infrastructure Review examines the balance between residual waste and treatment capacity across 11 European countries. All of these countries are actively involved in trading RDF or SRF with others within the group.

Facilities across these countries that are currently operational, being built or having reached financial close will soon supply a total of 105.7 million tpa treatment capacity for residual waste. Fully utilised, this will exceed the 90.4 million tonnes of residual waste these nations are expected to produce in 2030, as shown in Figure 1.

Five countries already have more treatment capacity than waste, as shown in Figure 2. At 2.7m tonnes, Germany has the greatest capacity in excess of its own annual needs. Poland (19.8mt) and France (18.9mt) currently have the greatest surplus of residual waste over treatment capacity.

The UK, however, has only 5mt of residual waste more than the treatment capacity that is operational, or soon to be completed. The UK continues to move towards a situation where the supply of treatment capacity for residual waste exceeds the demand for the service, based on an assessment of the facilities that are operational, under construction, or that have reached financial close.

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