This report for the Welsh Government identifies the options for extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes to tackle end of life management issues, including litter and plastic pollution, associated with key food and drink packaging.

The aim of this research was to outline a range of options for the implementation of EPR schemes for:

  • Beverage containers;
  • Single-use cups and lids;
  • Takeaway food packaging;
  • Single portion sachets and pots;
  • Black plastic food packaging; and
  • Metallised film for crisps and confectionary.

These six food and drinks packaging types were chosen as they currently have a low recycling rate, are highly prevalent in the Welsh litter stream, and are the focus of political and public concern.

Our team then recommended policy measures based on our research into the value of different extended producer responsibility options. Our recommendations included a nation-wide DRS for beverage containers, a consumer-facing fee on single-use cups, refillable alternatives and take-back mechanisms, and a tax on takeaway food packaging, crisps and confectionary packaging, single-serve sachets, and black plastic packaging to cover the costs of litter-clean up and end of life costs.

This report is available free of charge. Please provide a few details about yourself and one of the team will email you the full report shortly.