This report accompanies the ‘Have We Got the Bottle’ report for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). The report examines the impacts of introducing a DRS on the number, type and location of jobs involved in the collection and processing of beverage containers.

In the previous ‘Have We Got the Bottle’ report for CPRE, Eunomia examined the potential costs and benefits of the set up and operation of a deposit refund system (DRS) in the UK. The cost of labour was included as a key component of the financial costs associated with the introduction of a DRS. In order to avoid any double-counting in relation to the financial impacts of changes in employment, the number of jobs resulting from the introduction of the DRS was excluded from the core outputs presented in the cost-benefit analysis (CBA) modelling in the original study.

However, given the current economic situation, any impact on the number of jobs, either negative or positive, might be considered of interest in understanding the wider impacts of the introduction of a DRS in the UK.

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