We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract working alongside WRAP Cymru and the Welsh Government to provide environmental planning and permitting support to Welsh local authorities.

Over the next two years, Eunomia in collaboration with Santec will be working through the Collaborative Change Programme (CCP) framework. This framework will enable Welsh authorities to maximise recycling performance and net environmental benefit, optimise costs, and increase economic development through municipal waste management services. Eunomia are one of four suppliers supporting WRAP Cymru on the framework.

The CCP programme is critical in ensuring legal compliance, and enables authorities to provide efficient, well planned waste sites that make up the central part of their waste and recycling services. Eunomia has successfully delivered environmental planning and permitting support for authorities across Wales in the services required under the framework. These include:

  • drainage noise and vibration;
  • odour impact;
  • pest management;
  • geotechnical support;
  • fire prevention plans; and
  • permitting process and administration.

Eunomia are delighted to be assisting WRAP Cymru with the important role of compliant and efficient, future-proofed waste sites in achievement of the CCP’s objective to provide sustainable waste management services to Welsh local authorities.

Image courtesy of Dave Goodman via Flikr CC BY 2.0.