We have been appointed as the sole contractor for Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) in a two-year framework to carry out waste collection options appraisals for Scottish local authorities.

ZWS is funded to support the delivery of the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy – including an ambitious recycling target of 70% by 2025. To help achieve this goal, it provides help to Scottish local authorities that are looking to increase recycling rates by aligning their services to the Household Waste Recycling Charter.

The options appraisals we will provide will help local authorities demonstrate that they qualify for financial support with changes to their waste and recycling collection services. We will use its sophisticated range of waste collection modelling tools to:

• Carry out baseline assessments of the current service provision;
• Provide comprehensive options appraisals; and
• Undertake critical reviews of options appraisals councils have already undertaken.

The work will help inform local authorities’ choices regarding new services, and enable them to provide ZWS with a strong case for financial support with implementing changes.

Our framework manager, Duncan Oswald, said:

“We have always been a strong supporter of the Scottish Government’s strategy on improving resource efficiency, and we’re delighted to have the chance to work closely with local authorities as they take the next steps towards increasing recycling.”

“We have a long track record of collection options modelling. Credible options appraisals that reflect local circumstances are key to local authorities demonstrating that their proposed service changes will boost recycling, but they also need to demonstrate that it is the most efficient option and that it aims to reduce costs.”

Scottish local authorities looking for help with collection options appraisal should contact Evonne Cannan at Zero Waste Scotland.