Eunomia Research & Consulting is delighted to launch our inaugural Impact Report.

It includes successes and highlights across consultancy work in the UK and across the globe. This spans policy work, local authorities, sustainable business and markets, the natural economy and climate change.

The past year has been another period of rapid growth and success as testament to an increasingly global outlook and clear focus on the impacts of work with clients.

However to effect real change and achieve a meaningful and lasting impact, there needs to be a wider, more holistic approach. The guiding principle is circularity, recognising that reducing wastefulness is perhaps the most fundamental challenge.

Our work at the sharp end of change implementation with municipalities and businesses alike continues to be vital in giving in-depth practical knowledge that makes our strategy and policy advice uniquely powerful.

The enthusiasm, dedication and ingenuity of employees is what sets us apart in generating fresh innovations and building strong relationships.

There will always be difficult challenges to overcome, and long-term sustainability will require reduced consumption and a fairer distribution of resources. Eunomia is preparing to tackle these testing issues head on.

Download the report below, we hope you enjoy the read.

Eunomia Impact Report 2021-2022