Meet our expert

Tanzir Chowdhury


Tanzir is an environmental economist with extensive international experience in economic and econometric modelling and time-series forecasting.

About Tanzir

Tanzir joined Eunomia while undertaking a PhD in Economics at the University of Warwick, with a research focus on dynamic general equilibrium modelling in financial asset markets. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Economics from University College London and an MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, India. He has many years of experience in economics research, teaching and consultancy at leading academic organisations around the world.

Tanzir works on many of Eunomia’s projects for the European Commission. His work also involves statistical and econometric modelling, evaluating the wider costs and benefits of environmental policies and analysing various market-based instruments used in environmental policies, as well as critical analysis of the markets using advanced economic modelling techniques.

Tanzir has vast experience across various areas of economics, including environmental and resource economics, focusing on research design, sampling techniques, advanced econometric and time-series analysis, private and social cost-benefit analysis and economic policy design and evaluation.

He is also highly proficient in advanced impact assessment techniques, such as propensity score matching, double differencing, instrumental variable regression, discontinuity design for estimating the ex-ante and ex-post impacts of various programmes and policies on the quality of environment and natural resources.