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Jonquil Hackenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Jonquil brings consulting brilliance to the senior leadership team at Eunomia, having led the global sustainability business portfolio at a leading consultancy.

About Jonquil

In this decisive decade, as we address climate adaptation, we need to be striving for unwasted – simple as that. Unwasted is the applied circular economy and we deep-seated experts at Eunomia help companies and governments figure out how we can use less of everything in the first place, reuse all that we have used and conserve and regenerate more effectively and creatively, through policy, strategy and implementation. If we align the two worlds of the practical and the digital, we’ll collectively be able to move at pace.

Jonquil has global, cross-industry expertise in complex organisational change, with climate and ESG commitments necessitating the biggest redesign of all. She specialises in establishing partnerships to focus on the nexus between commercial success and impact, with a penchant for pragmatism to accelerate green technology scale-up, because the climate crisis is bigger than the sum of any organisation.

Before joining Eunomia, she held leadership roles at Infosys and PA Consulting. More recently, she spearheaded a global market campaign for COP26 focussed on green-tech scale-up and the convergence of water and carbon.

She also holds external positions as Trustee of the Design Council, whose mission is Design for Planet, and Chair of The Magenta Project, a multi award-winning non-profit dedicated to diversity in the sailing industry, leading on gender. She is a regular contributor to Forbes on green tech. As a passionate advocate of sustainability, life-long learning and diversity within the workplace and a keen sailor, she loves to mentor blue economy startups and is engaged at global levels at the nexus of water and decarbonisation – particularly for oceans.

Jonquil believes having fun is the key to bringing out the best in individuals: this is how ingenuity is brought to life.