Meet our expert

Joe Papineschi


Joe has a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge of waste management in the statutory, community and private sectors. He was appointed Chair in 2020.

About Joe

Joe has been at the cutting-edge of sustainable waste management since 1995, when he set up a kerbside collection scheme in Brighton. His significant practical experience makes him an industry leader in the fields of government policy, local authority waste management and procurement.

His experience spans waste operations, waste flow modelling, service profiling, policy development and implementation, contract negotiation and public procurement. More recently, Joe has specialised in partnership working and efficiency initiatives with local authorities, facilitating collaborative working, driving essential cost efficiencies and increasing recycling performance. His incomparable expertise in the multiple interlinked relationships between legal requirements, targets, budgets and contracts, coupled with a creative, analytical mind, have made him a leader in developing the waste management strategies of over 100 UK authorities.

He has directed the commissioning of municipal recycling contracts worth more than £1.2 billion. He was also instrumental in creating an award-winning framework for the procurement of residual waste services in Wales, which now saves Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion County Councils hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.

Joe directs many of Eunomia’s efficiency reviews and service design projects for local authorities and their contractors, covering the full range of environmental services. Increasingly, his skills are sought after by private sector clients, to provide specialist bid advice and change management support for multi-million-pound waste contracts.

He has authored several publications on waste management and continues to hold expert appointments with Government.