Meet our expert



Claire has an exceptionally broad range of project experience and subject expertise, specialising in work for local authorities in the UK.

About Claire

Claire has significant experience working for UK local authorities, applying her insight, passion and real-world knowledge to deliver practical solutions across nearly 100 projects since joining Eunomia in 2012. She has an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management and brings outstanding project direction and quality assurance skills.

Her expertise ranges from modelling collections, waste flow and service delivery to efficiency reviews, weighbridge analysis, waste collection operations, service change planning and delivery, as well as performance benchmarking.

Claire led a recent project that delivered a methodology for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of local authority packaging waste management. She also defined and exemplified efficient and effective services for different types of LA and devised processes for making the required assessments.

As with all our people, Claire is committed, proactive and passionate – always seeking out new ways to assess the accuracy and validity of the data that underpins our advice and implementation. Her unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience in local authority consulting always proves invaluable to Eunomia’s clients.