Meet our expert

Alex Forrest


Alex joined Eunomia in 2015 and has more than 20 years’ practical experience in the field of environmental management and consultancy.

About Alex

With an MBA in Environmental Management from the University of Liverpool, Alex has vast experience across a range of world-leading initiatives and projects. His expertise encompasses the circular economy, resource efficiency, sustainable and circular procurement, SBTi/decarbonisation strategy and stakeholder engagement. He is an accomplished thought leader and business strategist who is focused on operational performance and product sustainability.

He has delivered Eunomia projects for clients such as the European Commission, WRAP, National Grid, Zero Waste Scotland and the Environment Agency.

On a recent project for the European Commission, Alex supported the Commission’s work on the preparation of a Plastics Strategy, helping to identify obstacles to achieving a robust EU strategy and practical measures to drive the plastics economy in a more circular manner.

Alex has acted as a technical advisor, providing guidance, training and advocacy services to public sector recruitment staff. He has also acted as a resource efficiency advisor, supporting project teams in setting procurement specifications for best practice in waste minimisation and the specification of recycled content.

Alex typifies Eunomia’s commitment to straight-talking, practical consulting work, deep technical knowledge and proactive problem-solving.