Our Head of Sustainable Business Mark Hilton is published in a new book examining the future of the circular economy with regards to business.

Designing for the Circular Economy examines the impact a circular economy approach has on both business models and policy alike. Mark, an industry leader in the implementation of the circular economy for sustainable business, wrote a chapter in the book titled ‘Delivering a More Circular Economy for Electrical Goods in Retail in the UK’.

Mark’s chapter focuses on the issues electrical retailers in the UK are facing, with high numbers of budget products returned early to the retailer, which raises logistical and economic challenges for the companies involved. The chapter explores how to prevent the return of electrical goods early on in their lifespan, and how to maximise the recovery of those products that are returned so that they can be resold and recover their value.

The book includes a diverse range of case studies that highlight the flexibility of circularity across sectors, from construction to technology and clothing. It aims to inform companies who are exploring moving towards a more sustainable business model about the options open to them, as well as providing a benchmark for companies who want to see how well their current sustainable activity matches up against industry trends. The publication will provide inspiration for businesses at all stages of sustainable development, and will shed light on the changing social and political opinions on the circular economy.

Mark Hilton said:

“UK retailers are selling tens of thousands of products: the last thing they want is for the products to be returned, because they’re not logistically set up to deal with it. ‘Designing for the Circular Economy’ provides insight and advice for companies facing these issues.”

The book will be published on the 14th of August and is currently available to pre-order at Routledge and Amazon.