On Monday 1st October six members of our team celebrated their tenth anniversary at the consultancy, with Principal Consultant Adrian Gibbs topping them all with an impressive fifteen years at Eunomia.

Tim Elliott, Sam Taylor, Andy Grant, Debbie Fletcher, and Ann Ballinger have all been working at Eunomia for a decade. In celebration, the Directors treated the six longest-standing members of our team to dinner at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage restaurant in Bristol.

Andy Grant is our Head of Waste Operations and joined us in June 2008. Andy is unrivalled in his understanding of operational issues in waste management, and has worked on hundreds of projects with both local authorities and private companies, as well as providing technical expertise to our procurement team.

Ann Ballinger is one of our Principal Consultants, and is our expert on all things air quality. Ann joined us in July 2007, and has gained international recognition for her work on the carbon impacts of waste management. She has worked closely with all levels of government, and frequently leads our projects with the European Commission.

Dr Debbie Fletcher is one of our most prized project managers, and aside from her decade of experience as a Principal Consultant delivering complex procurement projects, she is also a highly-skilled business analyst. Debbie joined us in June 2008, and plays an essential role in keeping our business in check.

Sam Taylor is our head of Evaluation, Economics, Energy and Markets, and manages our London office. Sam joined us in October 2007, and has carved out a new business area for Eunomia in due diligence and evaluation, as well as bringing valuable economic insight. Sam is also an expert in policy of every kind, and has a keen interest in pushing Eunomia into exciting new areas.

Tim Elliot is our Market Lead for National Waste Management Plans and Strategies, and Design of Environmental Taxes. Tim joined us in 2008, and has since worked on some of Eunomia’s largest projects, where he is a frequent lead on our work with the European Commission and national governments.

Dr Adrian Gibbs joined us in 2004, and in his role as one of our Principal Consultants, has extensive experience in waste collection and treatment, with exceptional technical expertise in economic and environmental modelling. Adrian’s work whilst at Eunomia has made him one of the country’s leading waste collection experts, as well as playing a major role on the international stage.  He also manages our carbon fund, initiating schemes that have seen trees planted and water fountains installed, all to offset the carbon emissions of our company – and to top it all off, Adrian is also one of our office environmental champions who was key to helping us achieve 100% recycling in July 2018.

The work of these seven individuals over the last decade and more has been instrumental to our international success and growth into new areas. Congratulations to all of our long-standing colleagues – we hope to be celebrating again in another five years.