This study, commissioned by the Welsh Government, aimed to ascertain the degree to which Welsh local authorities were able track their recyclables to a final end destination and account for reject losses along the way.

As part of the study, Eunomia analysed local authority data reported in Question 100 of WasteDataFlow and conducted a number of interviews with local authorities, reprocessors, and other relevant stakeholders to better understand the key challenges and opportunities associated with reporting on end destinations and reject losses.

Across Wales, local authorities succeeded in tracking a high proportion of their recyclables to an actual end destination. In total, 90% of all dry recyclables and organics were reported to an actual end destination in 2014/15. Accounting for material losses between the point of collection and final end destination was found to be more challenging. The final report made a total of 14 recommendations which it is believed will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of reporting going forward.

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